Vadim Gontsov

  • A talented teacher, programmer, leader - all this was combined by Vadim Gontsov. Vadim began his career in software in 1995 at the Vesna radio plant (Dnepropetrovsk), where he was involved in the development of databases and their support. The next step was working as a Senior developer and team leader at VedicSoftware (Kherson).
  • From August 1997 to October 2001 - Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and Senior Lecturer at Maharishi University of Management.
  • He continued his teaching career at IT Step, and lectured on C, C ++, Database Development, Visual C ++, Visual Basic, and JavaScript.
  • Moving to Turkey and working in the company “ETA Bilgisayar Programlari” is a new stage in the life of Vadim. For more than 4 years he worked as a Senior developer, IT analyst and IT architect.
  • In 2007, he returned to Ukraine, to Dnepropetrovsk, where he continued to work as a Senior developer and IT architect at ISD.
  • The offer from SoftServe strengthened his decision to resume teaching and for over 3 years Vadim was a project manager, technical manager, coordinator of the training center and lecturer.
  • Vast experience and a wide range of knowledge helped Vadim to reach a whole new level - he had the skills and abilities to do almost any project on his own, as well as teach others about it.
  • In September 2012, Vadim Gontsov launched his project - a training center for training IT-specialists under the name “MCpp Zone”. He taught programming courses in various fields, broadened the horizons and knowledge of specialists, opening new opportunities for them.
  • From 2013 to 2014, Vadim improved his skills as an IT architect and consultant, as well as a project manager at VBRdev.
  • In 2016, on the basis of the ORT-Dnepr training center, the project “Education and Employment” was launched, and Vadim Gontsov was invited as a teacher. In the future, he formed teams for projects whose results surprised everyone - the efficiency significantly exceeded expectations.
  • In less than two years, the training center graduated about 200 students in the specialties of developer and tester. The guys who attended the lecture course were well prepared, a non-standard approach to teaching gave students more than just knowledge in the technical field, it was a real school of life. Vadim Gontsov developed the ability of students to learn and be ready for everything new and changed their life once and for all.
  • Thanks to the selected program and a strong technical base, graduates of the courses got high chances to work in the field of IT development.
  • Along with teaching at MCpp and the ORT Center, Vadim was CEO at WizardsDev.
  • Devoting a lot of time to his work and teaching, he sought to create more than just IT courses. Revealing the potential of each student, he proved again and again that a person can do much more than he imagines.
  • “- Do you want to be someone? “Be!” - this is how Vadim Gontsov inspired his students.
I always found time if it was necessary to discuss some kind of issue. If there were working moments and he was provided with working arguments, then he was ready to do anything if only the guys working in the company got what they wanted. There was never a distance for the Head-Subordinate, you can always come to talk as with a friend. An excellent coach, teacher and first of all a person. Never cheated. He put all his heart into the company, which is probably why the relations between the employees were very close-knit and friendly. Thanks to Vadim for being always cheerful and optimistic and this energy was transmitted to everyone around him.
Lysak Natalya
Manual QA
Vadim changed my life, believing in me and giving a chance, I am infinitely grateful to him for this. He was a man with a wide soul and a big heart. Even when I first talked on the phone, he struck me with his eccentricity and continued to amaze me at each of our meetings, and especially at every lesson. Yes, the course was difficult, and the nights were sleepless, but thanks to the courses, my outlook on life has changed. In addition, Vadim taught us a lot - to listen and hear, work in a team and find a common language with each other ... I will always be grateful to him for this.
Lisovol Evgeniya
Automation QA
Company soul. It has always been open by itself both within the walls of the courses and beyond them.
Gonchenko Vlad
FrontEnd Developer
Too strict, but the reason justified - he brought us up for himself. To be sure of us and our work.
Fursenko Max
Automation QA
Vadim was and will be for me a mentor and teacher. He taught me to hear and listen, to see more than I could see before - and to understand that I can do more. Vadim always gave a person a chance to do more than he could imagine for himself. We all need a chance in life. Vadim is the person who gave this chance to me. I will always be grateful to him for this.
Volovelskaya Irina
Project Manager
Vadim did a lot for me, he believed in me and gave knowledge, which became a `` ticket '' to the profession. Java by Vadim is much more than learning a programming language.
Parokonny Alex
.NET Developer
A wonderful person and teacher who brought together many excellent specialists around him, created an entire IT family in our city.
Ivanov Anton
Java Developer
Very nice, kind person with an open mind. A man with innovative thinking and a sense of humor.
Rodionova Lyudmila
Manual QA
Vadim was a professional in his field. He spent most of his time working on a training project. He gave long lectures in one breath, diluting with jokes. All students will remember what luck is and how to get it. The impression was that we, the students, needed a break, and not him. Leaving for a break, he actively communicated on an infinite number of topics. Amazed by erudition and deep knowledge of completely different sciences. Always delved into the problems of others and treated with understanding to our shortcomings. He showed concern and sympathy. He had ambitious plans for the development of the school. There was confidence that he was the very person who could carry them out. The most active, vibrant people leave first ...
Radosh Julia
I am one of those who happened to be in the right place at the right time and I am extremely happy about it. The first thing I heard `` The less free time, the more I have time, '' - that was his motto. Vadim knew how to live, not live life. He was always in the spotlight, appearing in the audience, office, at joint events. I think that he was the `` soul of any company '' to say nothing. Vadim always looked directly into the soul and always found time for everything and everyone. This is a man who shared his positive, his smile and what worked best for him, not demanding anything in return.
Subbotina Anastasia
Manual QA